Brother Gideon West

Hound of the Lord, very personable... until he takes you out.



Acuity: 3d6
Body: 2d6
Heart: 5d6
Will: 3d6


I am good at putting animals at ease: 1d6
People like talking to me: 1d8
I sniff out the demons as a Hound of the Lord: 1d8
I get winded easily: 1d4
Marksman: 2d6
I exorcised a demon: 1d6


Brother Halver: 2d6
(remaining 3d6, 3d8, 3d10)


Horse: 2d6
Coat: 2d6 (Sage green with red bands on the sleeves and head, brass knuckles, found in a basement storeroom)
Book of Life: 1d6
Small jar of consecrated earth, sacred oils
Gun (excellent): 1d4 + 2d6 (pistol)
Consecrated Hammer of the King of Life (crappy): 1d6 +1d4


An older man, lives about a day’s ride from the monastery. He had some coffee which he threw out but came to find out he also had hard liqueur which he also destroyed under my eye.


Herein begins the tales of Gideon West. Loyal servant of our Lord and Hound of Frisco. I came to the temple at the age of 8 years old after a fire destroyed my families farm. My younger brother Halver was the only other survivor. At 4 years old he was not sure what had happened to our parents when we came to the Vineyard.

Gideon is a man who likes to give a situation time to sort itself out. Although he is not opposed to using his gun he believes that the most effective solutions must come from within through the Holy Spirit within us all and with prayer and understanding most troubles can be solved. He is also an excellent shot and passable rider.

Brother Gideon West

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